The services

Maintenance updates

5/8/2019 - Moving to dedicated hardware is being moved to new hardware from 18:00 o'clock.

4/3/2019 - Planned restart

Stash (bitbucket) will be restarted on Monday March 4 at 12:00 CET. Expected downtime is 15 minutes.

Getting access

You are required to present a valid X.509 certificate issued by SINTEF to use these services.

All SINTEF employees can log in to the services using their SINTEF user name and password after having obtained a personal cryptographic certificate (X.509 certificate). For users of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems the certificate is distributed automatically to computers on service contract with EVRY by group policy. For users of other systems a tutorial for on how to obtain your personal certificate is given here: How to request your SINTEF X.509 certificate.

If you are not an employee of SINTEF, please contact your SINTEF liaison to have a user account created. Once you have received you username, follow the instructions here to set a password and request a X.509 cryptographic certificate for your web browser: Instructions for non-SINTEF users.

Note that due to a synchronization problem, new users will experience that the first login attempt fails. Retry after some few minutes, and the login should succeed.

git-access to requires ssh-keys

Access to the git server with your favorite git client should primarily use the SSH transport and SSH keys. You will need to use a SSH key pair and register your public key ( file or equivalent) on your profile page in . After registering your SSH public key on your profile the default clone URL will be using SSH (not HTTPS) in Stash. See the Atlassian documentation for details: SSH user keys for personal use.

Getting support

Please respect the workload of the administrators and file a report on (project: "") in case of problems with the system, ideas for improvements etc.